How We Do

We strive to go above and beyond to provide exceptional service

Being certified with ISO – Quality Management System allows us the leverage to perform at our optimal level. The systematic procedure and work flow makes our work efficient and accurate. There is very minimal, or no chance of missing any of the procedures as we work in this systematic order.

Step 1

The document of Demand letter should be attested through Embassy of Nepal. The document is done online by the embassy representative. The hard copy of the document should be couriered to the recruitment agency in order to submit for pre approval.

Step 2

The recruitment agency proceed to obtain Pre approval from the Ministry of Labor Department, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Step 3

The advertisement of the demand letter is published in the national daily newspaper.

Step 4

The recruitment agency starts recruiting candidates with pre and final interview selection.

Step 5

The interview selected candidates proceed for pre medical checkup.

Step 6

The documents of medically fit candidates is forwarded to the company for visa processing and wait for the original visa.

Step 7

The agency requests the applicants to undergo orientation, final medical which is required to obtain final approval from Ministry of Labor Department, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Step 8

The necessary arrangement of documentation, ticketing and pre departure orientation is conducted to provide more information & facilitate workers with necessary documentations.

Step 9

The worker is departure from the sending countries to the destination of employment.

Step 10

The worker arrives in the company and starts performing his duties & responsibility.

It is not What we do, but ‘How we do’ that makes all the difference!

We heavily rely and operate from our core business principles and philosophy, which lay the foundation of the work we do. We are here to serve and fulfil the needs of both, our fellow brothers and sisters and that of our employers or clients. We consider ourselves as a fortunate mediator in being able to provide our services to our clients and candidates.

Who We Are

Titanic established in Nepal, in the year 2002, Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd., was designed to bridge the gap between the unemployment crisis in the country....
Titanic Manpower

What We Do

Efficiently fulfilling the demands of our clients and candidates, in the stipulated time line, is our topmost priority and one of our major Quality Objectives!....
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