Breathtaking landscape, talented skilled people, diverse culture makes Nepal just amazing!

A land of profuse vibrancy and concoction of rare elements, Nepal rich in culture and heritage, bear many interesting architectures and sights, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sights. Himalayas, nature, trekking and adventure have become synonymous to Nepal.
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Eight out of ten of the highest peaks of the world, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga are the majestic pride of Nepal! Still, the most interesting aspect of Nepal is its people, friendly and heart warming, tourism and hotels thrive with their approach of loving hospitality and kindness. Kathmandu - the capital city, is also the hub of expats and dignitaries, who just love the cool and laid back atmosphere of Nepal. There are lots of interesting and innovative eating and drinking joints, hotels and restaurants, ranging from affordable to elite, top notch class! International brands from all over the world line the upper-middle class section of the city.
Nepal pulsates with raw energy, blended with mysticsm and grandeur! There is always something there for everyone, making Nepal without doubt, one of the most wistful and fascinating destinations in the world!

Nepal at a Glance

  • Official Name
    Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  • Capital
  • Official Languages
  • Area
    147,181 Km2
  • Population
  • Currency
    Nepalese rupee (NPR)
  • Timezone
    Nepal Standard Time (UTC+05:45)
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